2 Years Later…

So…yeah, its been 2 years. If you couldn’t tell already by the title. I thought since its the middle of the night  and for some reason I can’t stop thinking about 6th grade, I thought I’d take a trip back to ye’ol’ edublogs. *sigh* I miss it.

After reading through all the posts I’ve written from 6th grade, I’d have to admit, I did get teary eyed…or maybe its because I’m in a dark room staring at a bright computer screen. OH WELL! Let’s not ruin the moment. Anyways, the point I’m trying to come across is that..well…I really do miss 6th grade. It really was the best year of my life.


5. Breakfast: I always enjoyed walking from the busses into the school in the morning, Mr.McGuire saying “Hey! Good Morning” to everyone who walked in, then going to go stand in line to get breakfast. Yummy! And then finally going to homeroom and seeing all my friends

4. Work: Yes, as much as I’d hate to admit it…I do miss the work, the projects, the HOMEWORK (although we didn’t have much). Because when I say “I miss 6th grade…I mean…I MISS 6TH GRADE.

3. Recess: Yes, we all knew this was coming. Why wouldn’t I miss it?! In 7th grade you get no recess. Zip, Zero, Na-da! Just a 30 minute lunch brake…..*wimper, wimper* *cry, cry*.

2. Friends. In 5th grade when the school “leaders” announced we’d be moving to Saltcreek, I was handed a paper that promised at least 1 of the 2 friends I picked to have in my homeroom. Unfortunately, I got neither…or should I say “Fortunately”, because since I didn’t get the friends I listed, I met SOO many new friends! Ryan McCoy, Luke and Logan Watson, Tyler Arledge…AND SO MANY OTHERS! Heck, I even met my first “love” there. But, the point is, I love all the new and old friends I met at Saltcreek. Their not just my friends…their my family.

1. Teachers: No you’d think “Friends would be #1. But, I had to go with the teachers. They were just so…different. A good difference at that. They were just so…I have no words to describe them all. So here, I’ve written some “thank-you”‘s to all my 6th grade teachers.

Mrs.Huysman: I always new science was fun, but you took it to a whole ‘nother level! You were so enthusiastic about everything. SO enthusiastic, I remember half the experiments we did. The pancakes, that “Liquid and Solid goop” aaand “The Cell” how could I forget that! Thank You for that.

Mrs.Webb: We may have gotten off on the wrong foot, but near the middle of the year, I’m glad with got balanced out. Because I had so much fun with social studies and the Egyptian project! *cough* King Tut *cough*. And so many others cool and unique things. Thank You for that. Oh, and Maddie says “Hi Webbsters!”

Mrs.Hardin: I’m glad I had such a great math teacher to help me when I didnt understand something or a certain problem in a question. You always new what to say and how to help me. Thank You for that.

Mr.Guthrie: If it weren’t for you, I don’t think I’d be were I’m at today in music and choir. I loved choir so much last year in 7th grade. I even got a solo for the Spring Concert (can’t remember if you were there for that or not). Thank you for teaching me the to love music and singing.

Mr.Griffith: Just to let you know I’m still drawing and I’m getting better ever drawing. I’m still using the skills you taught me and all the other stuff we did in your class. If it weren’t for you, I don’t think I’d have the joy for art as I do now. I knew when I first drew in your class back at Pickaway, I was in for a lot of awesome stuff!…and drawing of course! Thank you for that.

Mr.McGuire: I’ll have to admit the moment I walked into your class and you yelled “NOW I KNOW WHY THE TEACHERS ARE SAYING THIS MOST TALKATIVE CLASS” (or something like that) I was TERRIFIED. Hopefully thats something you do every year for every class to get them to shut up. But after the first week something clicked for me. I don’t know if it was the connection between your daughters and my mom, or how you got the honor of appearing on my “Ugly Sweater” (no hard feelings, right?) But something clicked. I’m still wondering what it was. Maybe it was the fact that I enjoyed singing everyday at the end of 3rd period. Or the blogs. Or the really unique lessons you taught me and my class. Whatever it was, thank you. Thank You for an awesome 6th grade year.

Well that concludes this post. Hopefully, the teachers whose names I mentioned read this, considering I stayed awake for 2-2 1/2 hours writing this. HeeHee. Anyways. Until next time. Ah

What I Miss. . .

     Boy, how long has it been? Almost a half a year I’d say! It’s good to be back. I’m in 7th grade now, and honestly. . .I want to go back to sixth grade. I miss all my really awesome teachers. I miss working on blogs and singing in my Language Arts class with my teacher Mr.McGuire. I miss all the cool projects and fun stuff we did in Social Studies and Science. I miss the tiny book room we had. I miss the fun ways to learn Math even! HECK, I even miss the tests and quizzes! And of course, I miss recess.

     There is a lot of stuff I miss about 6th Grade, but like what my parents tell me, “Ya gotta learn to have fun in 7th Grade” And I know that they’re right, but I don’t really like 7th grade. At least it’s it’s not as bad as Kindergarten. THAT was a troublesome year (but that’s another story). There are some good things that came with 7th Grade. I got Science for my home room. I even got a awesome Science teacher and even some of my friends. I’m also still dating my girlfriend from last year.

     One of my least favorite things about this school is the principle. (And I’m trying to type this without her finding out I don’t really “LIKE” her). She is really strict, and I mean REALLY! At our lunch period we can’t even talk above a whisper. And if we do, we get the principle to come and yell at us for 5 minutes.

     I hope I’m able to get used to the school. If I got the chance to do 6th grade again. I’d do it in a heartbeat. I don’t know why I liked 6th grade so much. Maybe it was the connection between me and my Language Arts Teacher. Or how my teachers didn’t care if I acted stupid. Or maybe it was my new friends, I don’t know. All I know is that I miss 6th grade and would gladly do it over again.

     Well guys, it feels good to get something off my chest. . .or mind. . .or. . .NEVERMIND! Until next time! AHHHSEEEEE-YAA!!

We’re Off to See the Middle School!


What. . .is up. The Sky? NO! It’s the end of my 6th Grade school year. YEAHHHH!! I’m so excited for my 3 months off! But sadly. . .we have to go to McDowell next year. McDowell is the Jr. High of Logan Elm. I can’t believe how fast this year has gone bye-bye. Now, I’m going to tell you what I think about going to McDowell.



I’m really excited to go to McDowell. But, I’m really going to miss all my friends this year. Tyler, Luke, Ryan, Brayden, Logan, Maddie, Kirsten, and Megan. This year has been a blast, I can’t wait until next year. It’s gonna be hard living everything behind. I feel like my friends have become part of my family.

The New School

On May, 15, the 6th Grade Classes of Salt Creek Intermediate went to McDowell Middle School to get a tour of the School as a preview for next year. I think most of the teachers will be nice, but none of them will compare to the teachers this year had to offer.

My favorite class is going to definitely be Art. I’ve always loved art. Nothing could be a better hobby. The art teacher next year seems so awesome!! She’s funny. . .like me. She’s artistic. . .like me. And Awesome. . .like me.My other class, like I’m sure to like is Science. I’ve had a fairly rough time in Science this year. Especially this week. But, next year, the Science teacher seems really cool.

The End is Near (Pretend epic music is playing when you read this)

As the end of School approaches. I’m gonna miss all my friends and teachers. But, I’m mostly going to miss Kirsten. I’m going to be really sad the year is over. But McDowell Middle School seems awesome. There may be hard times here and there. But we all work threw it. Have a great End of the Week EVERYONE! Until I see you next year. . .AHHSEEEEE-YAA!!

Image From:  http://mrsccc.edublogs.org/

The Awesome Camp

I’m in 6th Grade and every year the 6th Grade students at Logan Elm Local Schools, go to a place called “Camp Oty’ Okwa“, which means Brotherhood, presented by “TheBigBrothersandBigSistersofCentralOhio“. I’m here to tell you what I enjoyed most about Camp Oty’ Okwa and what a great camp it was.

Baby Deers

Wow, were do I start. There was so many parts of Camp Oty’ Okwa that I enjoyed so much. But if I had to choose, I would have to go with The Final Fire. The Final Fire is where all the staff members and consular’s and kids of the camp come out to the fire pit and sing songs, act out skits, and other cool things.

During the skits, the consular’s would do something funny in between skits. Like a Nursery Rhyme Battle. (I’ll talk about that in another post). But one of the things they did was something really funny. After the 10th skit, one of the consular’s “Wormz”, stood up and said “Now guys, if you stay very quiet you can hear baby deers’ calling for their mommy. So we waited and were silent. Pretty soon, we hear this voice call out. “YO MOMMA WERE YOU AT!?!?!” That was a really funny part, that I enjoyed a lot.

Sleepy Time

After all the fun was over for the day, the boys would head to their cabin and sleep for the night. Although, the showers were always crowded, I still got my share of VERY VERY hot water. Before lights out, me and my friends. . .Tyler, Ryan, and Luke hung out and talked. All of us in the cabin had a great time. We laughed, ate snacks, and all in all, had a great time.

I hope I get to go to camp just for fun again sometime. I can’t wait until the next big school adventure! Until next time. . .AHHSEEEEEE-YAA!!!!!!

D.A.R.E Report

Hey guys, so for the past few weeks, in Social Studies, a Police Officer has come every Wednesday to talk to us about Drug Abuse. In this blog post, I’ll be talking about what I learned during the D.A.R.E Program, the skills I learned, and what healthy choices I’ve made. . .well. . .learned. So, here it goes! (This will be printed from my blog and turned in for a grade, so if anything is repeated, now you know why.)

HI THERE! My name is Holden, so for the past few weeks, I’ve been learning about this drug abuse program called D.A.R.E. D.A.R.E stands for “Drug. Abuse. Resistance. Education”. Some of the things I learned in D.A.R.E was what types of bullying there is and how to prevent it. I’ve also learned what drugs can do to your body if you are under age drinking. Also, I learned how smoking can effect your lungs.

Bad things can happen when you smoke, smoking can cause damage to your lungs (like turn them black) and yellow you teeth and nails. Now, I’m sure your not going to look gorgeous when smoking, if this happens you. Now, bullying is a whole other story. If you see someone being bullied just walk away and find a teacher or other adult.

Other things I’ve learned is how to deal with stress, now stress is a sign of nervousness. Sometimes to get rid of stress people drink. Now, that’s not good, so most people either count to a certain number or scream into a pillow. I don’t know what they I against that pillow, I mean pillows are what keeps your from banging against the wooden part of your bed, but back on track. Those are some of they ways you can deal with stress.

All in all, D.A.R.E has been a really good experience for me. I’ve learned a whole bunch of stuff. There really is a lot of things I’ve learned in D.A.R.E and I promise to make wise choices in the future. I Holden Evans commit to make wise decisions and stay off drugs and tobacco. Thanks for listening.

Image From:  http://www.dexterpd.com/dare.html


The Things People Say. . .Wow!

Have you ever been someplace or you did something that made someone laugh or be sad, and you’ve wondered. . .”I wonder what they think of me?”. Or when people are whispering around you and they look at you. . .then continue whispering and you think. . .”Are they talking about me?” Hey guys, Welcome Back, and today I’m writing an assignment for TheReadingWorkshop.com about things my friends or teachers say about me at SaltCreek (My School). Enjoy!

1. “Creative” (Mrs.Webb “S.S Teacher”)

My Social Studies teacher said I was creative not to long ago. She said that during projects or special assignments for school. Its really. . .different. . .then others. I always go out of my way to make something look good. I know somethings we do, she says is an easy A, but it wouldn’t kill me to do something extra 🙂

2. “You Gotta Great Kid” (Mr.McGuire “L.A. Teacher”)

So I come home last Friday after school to see there’s a message on the answering machine by the home phone. I press play and that robot voice says “You have. 1 new message. Friday 2:43 p.m.” And I hear my Language Arts Teacher talking about me. “Hey this is Jim McGuire, Holden’s Language Arts Teacher, I just wanted to say how pleased I am with his work in my class. You gotta great kid. Bye!” That really made me smile. I’m so glad a teacher feels that way. 😉

3. “Sporty” (Friends)

Whenever me and my friends have recess, we usually play basketball. Basketball is my favorite sport. Although when there’s people around, I don’t do that good. One time, I made  a 3 pointer and they gave me high fives and “Bro-Hugs”. But, that makes me feel really good about myself. :0

4. “Skilled” (Mrs.Huysman “Science Teacher”)

On Science, a long time ago, we did this cell project. To see the post I did Click Here! But, at the beginning of it, Mrs.Huysman pulled me aside and said “I know your skilled at making movies, so I thought you might want to make a cell video for you presentation. If you want to see go to my channel on YouTube called “Legoboy75200” (It’s geeky, I know, but I changed to to “TheGoldenGunStudios” instead) and find the video called “The Cell”. And, I did make the video and I think she really likes it! 😀

5. “Artistic” (Mr.Griffith “Art Teacher”)

Mr.Griffith, my art teacher was having this contest, where you had to enter 4-6 of your best paintings/drawings. Later, like a week after the contest had started, I entered some of my drawings and he said that they were really good. He said that i was very artistic. After he said that, I felt really good about my art. I’m still drawing today. 🙂

6.  “Smart” (Mrs.Hardin “Math Teacher”)

Sometime in Math, I had a bad grade on a test. My mom and dad weren’t pleased. They said that I needed to go to school tomorrow and talk to Mrs.Hardin about my grade. So, I did. Her and me talked and she said that she was upset too about my grade. She said “Holden, you are a really smart kid, I know you can do better. ” And I feel like I have done better since that happened. I pay attention and listen in class and get better grades. 🙂

7. “Hilarious” (“Friends”)

Boy, were do I start on this one. I’ve always been a funny guy (in my opinion), I hear it from my friends all the time. In second or third grade I was named “The Funny Master”, although that was sort of a competition between my friends Jacob, Cord, and me. I’ve always been able to make people laugh. Since Kindergarten. . .that’s a long time. . .and I still hope to do so for the rest of my life. 😀 😀 😀 😀

Well, guys this is all the 7 things people call me. This post was for TheReadingWorkshop.com. If you want to see other’s posts like this from my class, go to TheReadingWorkshop.com, and scroll down until you reach 2012 Student Blogs, then find 602 Blogs. You should find all my other classmates blogs, and they should have a post like this one. Until next time. . .AAHHHHHSSEEEEE-YAA!!!


It’s Possible

To know what I’m talking about in this post you’ll need to go to: “How Motivated are You?”. On TheReadingWorkshop.com

When I watched this video, I honestly got teary eyed. It’s so said to see a guy with no arms or legs. The thing is, I’ve seen this video before, or something like it.

When I was in Fourth Grade, my teacher showed up this video called “No Arms, No Legs, No Worries”. This same guy was in the video telling us about that you don’t need to worry about the bad things. Just keep going.

In this video, he was talking about never giving up. And I’m sure we all need it for the OAA coming up in a week. This video really made me feel batter about the test. Besides, its one test out of a bunch of tests your going to have in your life.

The main idea of this video is to never give up and keep trying or else. . .you’ll never achieve that goal. So don’t give up, keep going.

Image From: http://www.careerealism.com/how-to-stay-motivated-at-work/



Imagine a place. . .where everything is made of blocks. . .and you can play with friends. . build a town. . .or fight monsters. This is Minecraft. Welcome back guys, and today, I’ll be talking about my Favorite Video Game: Minecraft. If you want to see another review of the game, go to this cool kid’s site: Dylan’s Weekly Chat Zone!

In the Beginning

I’ve played Minecraft for at least 3 years. I got it in Beta 1.7.3 Minecraft first started out in Indev. Where you choose a empty slot in the Singleplayer Menu and when you spawn, there is already a house built that you spawn in. There was no Multiplayer back then. Sad Face :'( Then came Infdev. Sort of the same thing. Then the Alpha says came. Then it was business. You spawned in no house and had to get your own supplies and fight of mobs. Boy. (If your wondering how I know all this is because I’ve saved every single update of Minecraft).

After the Beginning?

After Alpha came Beta. Beta changed a lot of things. Beds were included so when you sleep at night, the game automatically switches to day. In Alpha, all the plant life was a lime green color. Tree leaves, grass. Then when Beta came, Multiple biomes where included and each biome had a different color of grass. I’m not gonna name them to you though.

Minecraft is Born

After Beta came. . .*pause for dramatic effect*. . .THE OFFICIAL RELEASE OF MINECRAFT!! I was so excited. Minecraft was official. There are still updates here and there. But still, if you want to travel back to the old days. I’s suggest that you save your Minecraft,jars.

The Mobs

OOOHHH!!! There’s Cows and Pigs and Sheeps and Wolfs and Chickens, and Cats and Zombies and Spiders and Cave Spiders and Creepers and Ghasts and Skeletons and Pigmen and Wither Skeletons and The Wither and Endermen, and The Ender Dragon, and Slimes and Silverfish and Snow Golems and Iorn Golems and Zombie Villagers and Witches and Villagers, and Blazes and, Magma Cubes and Spider Jockeys, and Squids and Mooshrooms. . . .Am I forgetting any, I don’t thing so!!


If you play Minecraft you’ve probably thought that it got boring after a while of playing it. Well, people all over the world have felt the feeling too! So, some people create Mods. Mods are when people create their own version of Minecraft that you can download and add into your game. Some Mods I personally like are Mo’Creatures, TooManyItems, and The Minimap Mod. Mo’Creatures add’s a BUNCH of new mobs into your game, like horses, ghosts, trolls. And so many more. TooManyItems adds this new inventory thing where you can spawn in all the blocks and items you want. You can change the time of day to night or make a save with the items in your inventory. The Minimap Mod adds a little map of the world your in, in the top left corner of your screen. But there is a WHOLE bunch more out there that you can find on TheMinecraftFourms.


Some people who don’t really have the supplies to create mods, make really cool maps that you can download and play on in your Minecraft. Or people make Adventure Maps with Command Blocks (Blocks that have a command in them). Adventure Maps are when people create a map that has a story to it. Unlike Minecraft itself. There are a whole lot more of maps out there. Some of my favorite are Wrath of the Fallen by Hypixel and Jacobs World (Not sure who created it but it was probably by a guy named Jacob). Jacob’s World was the first map me and my brother played on when I first got Minecraft.

The End

Well, guys that’s it for now. That’s probably the longest post I’ve written that’s consisted of more than 600 words. Again if you want Minecraft go check it here! www.Minecraft.net! All the mods and maps can be found at TheMinecraftFourms Website. Any Questions? Feel free to leave a comment! Until next Time. . .AHHHHSEEEEEEEYA!!!!!

Minecraft Image From: http://minecraftadminhack.blogspot.com/

Minecraft Mobs Image From: http://www.wattpad.com

Minecraft Block Image From: http://lawsbrigadetew.wikia.com

A Scary Inference; 3:15 Stories

Have you ever read a book then when it was just getting good, you had to go eat out or something? Then your thinking “What’s gonna happen next?” It makes you curious. Then you just make a guess on what happens. This is called an inference. A inference is when you use the information from your book and use that to infer what is going to happen next. Welcome back guys, and today I’m gonna to use my book, 3:15 Stories by Patrick Carman as an example of inferences. (Remember, it’s a book with short stories.) So, let’s get started.

3:15 Stories: Heart of Stone

In this story, Emma, a 11 year old girl lives in a apartment with a gargoyle sitting on her balcony window. Obviously, this is the easiest guess you could make on this story. The gargoyle comes alive and tries to. . .well. . .attack Emma. That’s my prediction. Here’s something from the story itself to prove to you why I think this. “Emma closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. That’s when she hears it. Thump. Emma peers over the covers of her bed at her doorway. She turns and looks toward the window. There’s the city. There’s the ledge. But, no gargoyle.”  What did I tell ya. No gargoyle. But there’s one story that sorta made me wonder. . .

3:15 Stories: Night Rider

This story involves a boy who skateboards and meets a young girl who also rides too. He knows shes the one. Or is she?

My inference on this is that the girl is. . .evil? Maybe a ghost. But, she looks human. The boy’s friend says to stay away from her. Here’s an example from the story. “Who the heck was that?’ said Thomas. ‘New girl at school, but, stay away from her dude, she’s bad news”. After I read that I knew that the girl wasn’t going to be normal. “She’s probably a ghost or a demon” I thought. Here’s one more story. . .

3:15 Stories: Night on the Dredge

If you have ever read the Skeleton Creek series by Patrick Carman (the same guy who wrote this book) you’ll love this story. It tells the story Ryan McCray after the Skeleton Creek series ended. It shows what happened to the Apostle. My prediction was that he would get taken by Old Joe Bush. In the book, it says that the Apostle found a note that said “Meet me at the Dredge tonight”. I didn’t know who it was from at first. Then I see that it’s at the dredge. So, I guess Old Joe Bush would be involved.

I really liked the book. I enjoyed making predictions on what happens next. What do you think? Have you ever made a prediction? If so, tell me what book and what you predicted. Well guys, until next time!! AHHHHSEEEEEE-YAAA!!


A Family of Mystery

Most family’s are full of love and help everyone around them. Fix great meals. Give good ideas on hard school projects. No. Not this family. In this family, there’s a mom that’s missing. A Dad who keeps moving from house to house, and two kids, Andrew and Evie, young Spies. On a mission to save their mom. Welcome back, and today we will exploring the Wall family. From the book series Spy X, by Peter Lerangis.

The Wall family isn’t your average family. They’re a. . .different. . .kind of family. Let’s start of with the Dad. The Wall family’s Dad is the one that’s not so important in the series. He’s kind of unpredictable. The family’s Dad had a job that involves him having to move around A LOT. He works on covert military operations. In the books series (I’m only on book two.) the Wall family has moved around twice. At least that’s what I’ve read. Who knows where the Wall family will move next.

Sadly, all of this is happening without their Mom. The family’s Mom has been missing since Andrew and Evie’s Eleventh birthday. They family doesn’t know where she went. Mom only left a small note that read:

Dear ones, Oh how I wish I could celebrate “11 11 11” w/ you. When I return we will have another birthday party no matter the day. Pls understand I would not go if I did not have to. I wish I cd say “Be back soon” but I’m afraid this will be a long one. Take care of each other, & know that I love you more than the world.

Love always,

P.S. You will hear from me soon. And when you do, remember:

11 11 11:
A picture forms
Without you–
And it’s all a jumble.

The Wall family kids are not going to wait any longer for their Mom to return. They know something is up. So, they’re on a search. With mysterious boxes with random supplies in them, and neighbors who act strange and seem to know about their Mom. Things may be getting easier. Andrew and Evie are solving problems everywhere, and they won’t stop until they have their Mom back.

As you can tell, there is probably no other family the same as the Wall family. My family is definitely not like theirs. For example, my family doesn’t have a missing family member, and me and my brother aren’t ever alone by ourselves at home. We always have someone with us. Oh. Also we aren’t spies. It’d be cool if we were though.

But, the Wall family is some-what similar to mine. For, example. The Wall kids get in trouble every once and a while. So do me and my brother. A LOT! Also me and the Wall family are both really loving. We take care of each other and help each other with homework. We also have fun adventures. My family goes to Walt Disney World and Universal. The Wall family goes on a mission to save their Mom. As you can see, all families are different. But, they’re all very loving.

Well, guys that was my post on the Wall family form Peter Leragnis’s Spy X series. I’ll be back soon with another nlog post probably on Louis Sachar’s HOLES. Until next time. AHHSEEEEEE-YA!

Spy X Hide and Seek Image: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/hide-and-seek-peter-lerangis/1006316602

Stick Figure Family Image: http://santacruzvillage.com/